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If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book.
J.K. Rowling

A book is a treasure and portal to the imaginary world! Kitabo presents you books you can't put down!" We ensure that you never miss out on reading your favorite books. Get your favorite books delivered home to kick start your reading journey!

Readers always dream of a peaceful & comfy place where they can read their favorite books for hours. Kitabo is here to turn their dreams into reality. At Kitabo, you can read your preferred books from our curated collection, enjoy free snacks and coffee to make your reading more delightful. Kitabo is the only library in Indore that houses the best books and offers free home delivery of books to read and rent. Stop buying expensive books, stop staring at Ebooks. What you need to do is just READ-RENT-RELAX.


READ-READ-READ This world require readers.

Reading heals the mind, heart, and soul, so never skip reading! Nothing beats the joy of reading an entertaining book. Books never run out of battery and don't make your eyes suffer. People love to read and getting lost in a good story. By reading, we contribute to our overall wellness. Kitabo, as your source of best books, provides every comfort readers always fancy. We offer book lovers a wide range of books of categories like literature, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, short stories, thriller, horror, biographies, and many more for you to pick the best books of your interest.


Kitabo strive to make your reading effortless.

Short on budget? Rent your favorite books from Kitabo and save money! We believe that reading doesn't have to be expensive and strive to make reading economical, convenient, and joyful. If you're an avid reader on a quest for some new books or a beginner about to start your reading journey, Kitabo is the best place to get started. Kitabo offers rental books with free home delivery, So rent any book from Kitabo, get it delivered to your doorstep and enjoy reading without worrying about money.


Take a break & read a book.

Reading helps to overcome stress & anxiety! Reading is not just an alternative to keep yourself occupied. The fact is, reading is the best way to escape from a stressful routine and unwind anytime. With Kitabo, you can effortlessly make reading a habit. When you arrive at Kitabo, you have an array of choices to pick the best book, free snacks, and coffee to keep your energy intact. If you are stuck in a never-ending 9-to-5 job cycle, feel trapped and don't want to go to a bookstore, get any book delivered right on your doorstep through Kitabo.


Whether you read a bestseller fiction book or a fascinating mystery novel, it will never fail to impress, influence, and calm your mind. Life is too short to wait for the right time. So, stop waiting, look after your mind and start reading your favorite book in the comfort of your home. We offer low-cost membership plans for enthusiastic readers. Anyone can choose a suitable plan at their convenience and enjoy reading quality books without spending a fortune.

Quarterly Plan

Starter plan. Get billed every three months so that you can enjoy reading without any disturbance till your next date of payment.

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Half Yearly Plan

Reader with a plan. perfect for
one go readers, read all the books present in library without any time limit.

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Yearly Plan

For heavy readers, read all the books again and again. come whenever you want , stay till you want and pay us once in a year

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Family Plan

Call your reader friend and family, get a plan for multiple people so that you can enjoy your reading experience with your loved ones

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Self Study Plan

Want to concentrate on your study? so come at peace of library with no boundation of time. study hard and rule the world

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Non Member-Plan

Don�t want to committe? so just come without any notice and experience the amazing world of books for a day.

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Download The App Now

Forgot taking your books before going out? Have some free time while traveling? Kitabo mobile app will be your companion. With the Kitabo app, you can read any book when you are at home or traveling. Just select your preferred categories and choose any book from suggestions to start reading anytime, anywhere. Hurry!! Download the Kitabo app and turn your phone into a book.